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Roberto Martínez Loyo


Roberto Martinez-Loyo has studied Western Martial Arts since 2003. As a youngster, he studied Tae Kwon  Do for many years, both in Mexico and in Upstate NY, USA. In 2001 he trained as a professional stunt performer with the United Stuntmen’s Association, and has worked professionally since then. He has acquired further training with several other  instructors, becoming both a stunt performer and a stunt coordinator.

A member of the IOSP (International Order of the Sword and Pen), Art of Combat (Lansing Chapter), and Western Martial Arts Coalition, he was the co-founder and head instructor of the Brotherhood of Warriors (Hermandad de Guerreros) and is co-founder and  one of two  head instructors for EFC-Mexico (Elite Fencing Club). He has taught at several workshops and seminars in Mexico, such as the National Western Martial Arts Seminar (SAMO) and the Underground Fencing, amongst others, as well as giving private  instruction and offering workshops as invited instructor in different events.

Roberto continues his instruction and training in HEMA by participating regularly in different venues and tournaments such as the International Sword and Martial Arts Convention (ISMAC), the First Open International Gathering, the Fechtshule America,  the Combat Con (where he came in third at the longsword tournament) and the Paddy Crean Workshop.

He is currently developing a fighting system with the Chimalli and Maquahuitl (Aztec Shield and Sword), developing it based on interpretation of available codex and images, as well as practical understanding of the weapon system, working alongside different  people to develop "safe" training wasters for these weapons.

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