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Other Activities

Workshops and Seminars
EFC offers training in several different weapons through different workshops and seminars. These workshops can be tailor made to specifically cover the basic needs of the people who may ask for them involving as many different weapons as  may be required, including self defense. Members of EFC have organized or have been invited to teach and or train in several HEMA/WMA seminars, either locally, nationally or even internationally, teaching techniques with several different weapons.

Demos and Public Shows
EFC has participated in different public HEMA/WMA demos, either as participants in conferences, displays of free fencing, demos with different weapons (ranging from prehispanic weapons to Victorian fight systems), and shows and choreographed  Martial Arts demonstrations. These shows en choreographies are based on certain time periods and with the proper use of the martial techniques proper of the represented time periods.

Corporate Events
All the above mentioned can be presented for different corporate events according to the needs that may be required.

Stage Combat Consultancy and Coordination
EFC offers consultancy and coordination of historical  combat techniques choreographed for film, TV and live action shows, giving  the performers and actors more realism in both hand to hand combat and armed combat proper to the time frame being  represented, maintaining the utmost control and safety for the performers.

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