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Omar Rodríguez Zaragoza


His interest on Martial Arts started when he was just a kid, he studied Karate Do since he was 6 years  old, reaching black belt level, but becasue of his college studies, he was forced to abandon the practice of this sport.

Cofounder and second instructor of the Brotherhood of Warriors and cofounder and one of two lead instructors at EFC-México (Elite Fencing Club). This is his first year as instructor at the Western Martial Arts Seminar (SAMO)

He has participated in international events such as the ‘First Open International Gathering’ and the "Fechtshule America 2011 and  2012" (where he achieved 4th place at the second Franco-Belgium tournament), besides; he is member of the Western Martial Arts Coalition (WMAC).

His studies are directed to the Italian Rapier and the English Saber techniques.

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