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What is Historical Fencing?
Historical Fencing refers to the set of martial arts originated  in Europe, and that are still practiced today.

Is Historical Fencing the one in the Olympics?
Olympic fencing and historical fencing, though they share a common base, are two different sports and utilize different weapons. Olympic fencing is derived from rapier fencing during the renaissance and its weapons are epé, sabre and foil,  historical fencing comprises medieval and renaissance fencing, ranging in weapons from the medieval long sword, the sword and buckler, dussac, singlestick, dagger and rapier amongst a variety of other weapons.

What is Choreographed Combat?
Choreography is a sequence of predisposed movements; one followed by another, a choreographed combat is a sequence of moves, attacks and counters that were previously established for the purpose of audience entertainment, or for training purposes.

What are Martial Arts?
They consist of practice and codified traditions whose objective is to defend oneself through specific techniques. Generally the use of firearms and other modern weapons are excluded. Currently people practice  martial arts for different reasons including just for sport, to have better health, personal protection, personal development, mental discipline, forging one’s character and self-confidence. Furthermore, since the strict meaning is "military arts",  by extension it applies to all kind of fighting arts

Are Western martial arts choreographed?
No way. However, there are some martial arts practitioners that combine them for practice and Entertainment, there are also some entertainers that combine martial arts into their performing  arts, and such is the case of pro wrestling and some stage and screen combat performances.

Can you compete with the Western Martial Arts?
Yes. There are national and international tournaments, where practitioners can measure their strength, technique and knowledge.

Are there real Duels?
Definitely NOT a duel is a fight to the death between two gentlemen, according to explicit or implicit rules. A duel is considered an illegal act in most countries

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