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Western Martial Arts (WMA) relate to both practice and study of combat techniques using both bladed  weapons and hand to hand combat developed in the western world during the middle ages, the renaissance, the baroque and the modern age, primarily in Europe.

The rise in the study of Western Martial Arts, also known as Historical European Martial  Arts (HEMA) or Historical Fencing, has been widely promoted on an international level in the past three decades, being Mexico one of the countries that has shown the most interest in the practice of these disciplines in recent years.

The Elite Fencing Club (EFC) is a serious and professional Western Martial Arts academy with instructors trained abroad and with proper facilities to practice said activity.

Likewise, the protection equipment and weapons used by  the EFC  are of internationally aproved quality and the same ones used for training and competition for these disciplines in other parts of the world, ensuring the quality and safety norms for the proper practice of western martial arts.

Our motto is Enérgeia, from the greek word
eνέργεια! (meaning an activity  or something that's at work). The expression indicates that something is acting, in the sense that it is en route to it's end, goal or purpose from within.

Our principles are: justice, knowledge, courage, humility, honor and loyalty.

The Elite Fencing Club is the natural maturation en evolution of a project that began as a Brotherhood of Warriors, which gives us the basis and recognition, both nationally and internationally, to strengthen achievements and scope now that we are elite  fencers.

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